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What is Fractional Ownership?

 Fractional ownership is the sharing of valuable real estate usually in the form of vacation resort properties. With the rising costs of popular vacation destinations, fractional or co-ownership is becoming more and more an integral part of the vacation industry. This form of co-ownership means that the capital outlay will be far less than if you were to purchase a second home. It also means that your annual operating costs are now a fraction of the total cost as they are shared among the fractional co-owners .

Our Program Sets Us Apart


At Paradise Residence Club, onwers have the choice to pick the amount of time they wish to own.  An owner may purchase deeded 1/16, 1/8, 1/4 or 1/2 shares in a condominium at Grande Rockies Resort.  Each fractions has it's own rotation schedule ensuring that all owners have equal rights to the highest demand weeks of the year.


Relax and enjoy your fully furnished 1 or 2 bedroom vacation condominium nestled in the beautiful Rocky Mountains.  Can't use the whole week?  You can split it into a 3 night weekend and a 4 night mid week stay at a later date.


Want to go somewhere else?  Through Paradise Elite Points Program you can travel the world!  Enjoy luxury resorts such as Marriott, Sheraton, Westin, Hyatt just to name a few!


Since Canmore is a world renowned vacation destination, owners have the opportunity to participate in our proven rental program.


Unlike vacation renters when you feel that you have achieved all of your goals with your fractional vacation home you  may sell their shares either on their own or through PRC Developments Ltd. sales division.

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